God has planted us in rich prairie soil to nourish the faith, reach out with the good news of Christ, and to serve our neighbors.


Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice.' For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."
- Matthew 9:12-13

Winds News and Notes

TFA 2015-2016
With the beginning of school come the beginning of our Christian Education for Middle School/Jr High age children called Training for Affirmation (TFA). This time of intentional and intense instruction around the Bible, Catechism and Lutheran identity happens on Wednesday evenings under the guidance of the pastors. Our youth will be at two different sites: Bethany in Arco from 6:15 to 7:45 pm and at Hope Lutheran in Minneota from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

2015-2016 TFA Registration
Please complete the Training for Affirmation registration for your student who will be in 7th grade or older to attend TFA on Wednesdays. Register

First TFA Meeting for Parents and Students in the 2015-2016 Class
September 2 at about 8 pm following Worship on Wednesday at Diamond Lake Chapel. Come for the final summer WOW and the Dessert Potluck.

Week of September 6th :

Monday, September 7th: - LABOR DAY! The office will be closed

Tuesday, September 8th: 7:00pm, Personnel Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 9th:
- 2:00pm PLCW
- 5:30pm TFA in Minneota
- 6:00pm Faith 5 Family Bible Study in Arco
- 6:15pm TFA and P3 at Bethany in Arco

Thursday, September 10th:
10:00am Devotions at Sunrise Manor in Tyler
- 1:30pm Bethany WELCA meeting

Friday, September 11th: 7:00am Bible Study at Bethany

Saturday, September 12th: 10:00am First Communion at Grace

Community Events:

Worship Time Change - September 13:

  • Bethany, Grace and St Paul at 8:30
  • Bethany-Elim and Peace at 10:30

We start a new run through the Bible Story with a focus on the Gospel of Mark. Read Mark’s gospel to prepare for worship.

  • On Friday, September 11th from 11:00-1:00pm there will be an open Prayer Time /Vigil at Bethany-Elim. All are welcome.
  • The Faith 5 Family Bible Study on Wednesday nights in Arco are open to all congregations. A small offering will be taken in the beginning and a small snack will be provided.
  • Beginning Experience of SW MN, is offering a Weekend Retreat that provides an individual with the opportunity to encounter self and to grow with a purpose to achieve inner peace.  The experience is to help close the door gently on the past and move on with renewed hope and purpose.  The weekend retreat will be held at Shetek Lutheran Ministries and is scheduled for Oct. 16-18th.  Deadline for registrations is Oct. 9th.  Please contact Anna H. at 507-530-2639 or hawk33@charter.net,  or Kevin A. at 507-227-1116 or aanenson@msn.com, or Tammy B. at 507-227-1625 or tbhappiernow@hotmail.com
  • Sunday, October 7th from 11:00am-1:00pm Bethany-Elim’s WELCA will be having a Soup/Sandwich Luncheon and Bake Sale. Everyone is Welcome!

FOR ALL WHO WORK WITH YOUTH: This year we will be conducting our Youth Protection workshops for all adults who will be working with youth. Watch the bulletin for dates in September.

Bible Study: Have you thought about being part of a BIBLE STUDY? The Bible is the Living Word and grows in meaning as we grow in faith. Bible Study is how we are feed, challenge and grow in our faith. For personal study use the daily devotion found on the back of the weekly bulletin following the Faith5 model. Or grab a copy of the devotionals found in the back of the Church. Feed your Spirit and Soul. Current BIBLE STUDIES will meet on Monday, 10 am at Grace; Wednesday, 9 am at Divine Providence in Ivanhoe and Friday, 7 am in Arco at Bethany. If those times don’t fit your schedule, start a new one! You don’t need a pastoral minister to be there but they do have resources for you to start one.

Rally Day & Service Auction at Bethany-Eliam
We welcome all Sunday School students, families, and our congregation to Rally Day, September 13. Sunday School begins at 9am with fun and games and songs! Worship begins at 10:30am. Lunch and Service Auction will follow worship. See September Newsletter for more information.

Thank You! Bethany-Elim has a new sidewalk to the front entrance of the church, and it looks great! Thanks to Don and Carol Olsen from our church family for the donation of the concrete. Thanks also to Roger Jerzak and crew who took care of removing the old concrete, and installing the new. Your church family appreciates the generous giving of your gifts!

Prairie Conference WELCA Fall Gathering - Saturday, October 3rd at Christ Lutheran, Cottonwood. "Give as Freely as You have Received" Matthew 10:8. Registration is $10.00 - Day begins with coffee and treats at 8:30 And ends with complimentary noon lunch

Newsletter Update

The CROSSWINDS is the newsletter for Winds of the Prairie Ministry. It is sent to those who are listed on the rosters of our congregations; both active and associate members. It is also sent to former pastors and interns, local newspapers, the Synod Office and those who have expressed interest as visitors to our congregation. This is our primary means of communication for our congregations and ministry. You can receive this newsletter by postal service, in your church mailbox or by email (contact windsoftheprairieministries@gmail.com to be added to the email list or have your newsletter sent to the church). If you misplace it, you can find it on the website. Should you no longer need to receive the newsletter please contact the Winds office to let us know.


Sabbath Days
Mondays are the usual Sabbath Days for Pastor Steve and Vicar Janna. Friday is Pastor Julie's Sabbath. In the event of needs or emergencies on those days, please call whomever is working instead of the person on Sabbath. If you do call them, don't be surprised if they don't answer their phone or emails until the next day; they need a day to recharge their batteries.

School and Public Events
With 5 different communities, 5 different school districts, and a variety of events the pastoral staff appreciates when we are informed of events that involve our members. It is best if we have a week's notice so we can work events into our schedules. Giving us something written like a note or email is best do we have a reference.

If you would like the pastor to call on you when you are expecting a hospitalization, please let us know. With the number of hospitals that our congregations cover it is always handy to know which hospital a person is at and what name they are under, as well as the dates he/she expects to be there. Federal regulations are such that people can't just call and ask who might be there; we need to know names, especially if we know you by a nickname and you are listed under your legal name.

When calling the Winds of the Prairie Ministry Office please use either the 507-694-1238 or 1-866-944-9687 (WOTP). Outside of office hours the number is usually forwarded to the pastor on call.

Mission Statement: As members of these congregations, we commit ourselves to this mission:

  1. To be united in our mission as Christ’s disciples and  to increase the vitality of our individual congregations by working together
  2. To cooperate in such a way as to bring together sufficient financial and human resources to do effective and faithful ministry in all of our congregations.
  3. To recognize and strengthen the gifts of congregational members as we work in partnership with our called staff.
  4. To develop shared ministry and expand a wide variety of specific ministry opportunities.